About Making Music

It started at age 7. Christmas 1968. My mother’s encouragement made me feel like I was off to a great musical start, my father proudly capturing it on film. After all, this was a real instrument –– not a toy. Didn’t put it down all day.

Fast forward four decades. That’s me in the far right of the guitar workshop photo. Still enjoying recreational music making with acoustic instruments. The FLEA ukuleles featured in my business and community outreach, plus a wide range of guitars.

The guitar I’m holding in the workshop photo is special –– made it completely by hand in Frank Finocchio’s guitar building studio in Easton, Pennsylvania. Seven long days of tedious work, but what an experience learning from Frank’s wit and craftsmanship, alongside my fellow student from NYC also named Frank!

Student Frank, a professor and consultant, brought along his well seasoned Santa Cruz dreadnought. Began every morning Travis picking some heartfelt folk songs and singing with his rich deep voice … what a way to sip coffee and start the day!

What is making music all about? It holds promise for everyone. A quality instrument inspires the desire to start, practice and continually grow. It creates connection with others who share similar interests. It’s sheer fun. No matter who, where or what challenges you face.

It all comes down to finding that special match between you and an instrument you love to play. One that sparks your creativity and connections. A great start makes all the difference between a lifelong pursuit of musicianship versus frustrating fizzle. That’s why I feature FLEA brand ukuleles. They not only tap you into the soaring popularity of ukulele, but also create an easier path to guitar and other instruments.

Making music is a true joy that can last a lifetime.

Greg, True Joy Acoustics founder

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