Easy Path to Playing Guitar

FLEA ukuleles are fun yet serious instruments.

They provide an easy, economical path to playing guitar and other instruments, too.

Learning larger instruments can be a handful, usually requiring help.

Many kids want to jump right into playing guitar. Not a toy, but a real guitar. Popular, versatile and cool to play.

But not so easy once you actually have one. Standard guitar sizes can be a handful. Higher tension strings (made of metal on standard guitars) can irritate the fingers until you build up calluses. Learning chords across six strings and even playing simple notes often requires professional lessons. Lots of practice to play basic tunes.

Guitars are great, no doubt about it. But there is an easier way to get started.

3FLEA72dpi400x400FLEA ukuleles are SIZED RIGHT for any beginner. Four strings made of finger-friendly nylon. Many chords (and hence songs) can be played by pressing just one or two fingers down on non-metal frets.

The world of making music opens up quickly after players start with our kits. Just strumming open strings of a FLEA ukulele makes a pleasant sound!

Ukuleles can become a lifelong passion and facilitate learning other instruments, too. You learn musical rhythm, simple and complex strumming techniques, fretting individual notes and chord riffs, how to tune up your instrument, and how to play along with others … even if just accompanying YouTube!

A quality and economical choice … buy a FLEA ukulele!

Alternative ukulele brands. FLEA ukuleles are fun and rugged, yet a serious performance instrument given their quality materials, Grover tuners, high-precision polycarbonate fingerboard. More expensive than “toy” grade and many mass market ukuleles made from solid or multi-ply wood. However, they cost far less than revered premium brands such as the Kamaka Concert Bell Shape Deluxe ($1,660 MSRP, case extra). Exotic features such as Ebony/Koa woods and artisan inlay serve a value beyond what is necessary for beginners and everyday, worry-free play.

Alternative instrument options. Industry trade statistics for year 2009 quote the following average prices for other musical instruments: acoustic guitar ($353), electric guitar ($369, add $290 for average amplifier), stringed school instruments ($280), drum sets ($590), woodwind instruments ($740), brass instruments ($902). Prices do not include cost of lessons, accessories and music. Nor do they reflect higher prices generally associated with USA manufacturer quality. FLEA ukuleles are made in the USA by The Magic Fluke Company, located in Sheffield, Massachusetts.

Greg, True Joy Acoustics founder

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