Individuals Sharing their Greatest Gift – Ukulele Therapy

The greatest gift is a portion of thyself. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Our retail mission serves ukulele players on a national scale. Sales proceeds help us drive a steady donation of FLEA® ukuleles into hospital music therapy programs –– the heart of our community mission. External sponsors (businesses + individuals) help us accelerate donations to reach even more hospitalized children.

INDIVIDUALS can make a world of difference. Even if hundreds of miles away. Among children “stuck inside of four hospital walls” where days are filled with tests, procedures, waiting and hope. The music therapy program at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center also reaches children via StarShine home palliative care. This post recognizes several individuals “giving a portion of thyself”.

Herb Eichen generously sponsored a full set of 4 FLEA ukuleles. One ukulele gets shared and played by many children, one at a time. Ukulele sets greatly extend the reach, plus they enable patient + family ensembles! Click on the story below if you want to discover just how powerful that can be.

Herb’s gift is made in honor of Ms. Mindy Heithaus. Mindy is a friend, an actress, a recent discoverer of the fun and expressive power of playing ukulele. She provided the inspiration for Herb to extend that joy to many children and families served by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. This joy will resonate for many years to come.

Melanie and Bob Gallagher topped off this donation round with a 5th ukulele. It too has already “gone to work” and signifies our cumulative donations reaching a milestone of 60 FLEA ukuleles. Reaching our Golden 100th ukulele goal is within sight! Contact me soon if you want to be the one who leaps us to 100. It will be special.

Karen Krueger’s family chose to purchase a new FLEA ukulele for Elias Wendland, a little boy featured in the story below. Special child, special family. They are an inspiration for how a family can work together via the power of ukuleles and music therapy to create joy. With Karen’s generosity, Elias will now have his very own ukulele.


CLICK HERE or the IMAGE to read the Cincinnati Enquirer story about Elias and his family. The newsprint edition featured a 3 PAGE story on Christmas morning, extra special!

I deeply appreciate Janelle Gelfand writing this heartfelt story. You can tell her also at

It is an honor and privilege to help these individuals connect and share their “greatest gifts” via these little instruments. What kind of world could we live in if everybody followed their lead –– whether ukuleles for music therapy or any similar act of kindness.

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Email me at if you would like to sponsor a donation of one or more FLEA ukuleles to the music therapy program at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. It’s easy and will certainly bring joy to your heart as well as many kids spending weeks in a hospital.

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