True Joy Acoustics is a new company based in Cincinnati, Ohio.  We aim to inspire and enable the simple joy of true musicianship.  Hopefully for a lifetime!

Our official open-for-business date is May 2010.

We develop and sell Ukulele Musician Maker™ Kits, an ideal offering for:

  • Parents seeking an easy, affordable way to enrich their children’s musical talents … no prior music experience or formal lessons required
  • Home schooling parents and students
  • Music teachers, classrooms and clubs
  • Music therapists and patrons
  • Camp programs and event organizers
  • Guitarists (experienced or aspiring) interested in the easy and fun playing frontiers of ukulele
  • Anyone with a desire to make music!

Our kits help you quickly learn to play a real musical instrument with success, endless fun and without costly lessons.

Each kit features one of three fantastic FLEA brand ukulele models (Magic Fluke Co.), electronic tuner, inspirational instruction media and songs, fun play accessories … plus components that keep everything organized, portable, protected.  All brought together in our exclusive denim and leather print carton.  Ages 6 to Adult.

Kits can be ordered online via www.truejoyacoustics.com. Our website links directly to eBay Store and Amazon.com listings for easy and secure checkout.

Kit purchasers create a joy of musicianship within their own social circles, and in doing so, they support two important community elements of our program:

  1. For every nine MUSICIAN MAKER KITS sold, a 10th kit is donated to a music therapy program at a participating pediatric care center; and
  2. Final assembly and shipment of every kit is managed by Clovernook Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired (Cincinnati, Ohio).

So welcome to the site.  Please browse the pages I created to highlight my background, as well as origins of the business and community outreach elements.  Share your reactions.  And please spread the word and consider buying a kit or two for yourself, family members or profession!

Greg H., True Joy Acoustics founder

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