“Ukuleles For Peace” Program

It’s always inspiring to come across an individual who creates a clever bridge in our world … no matter where nor how troubled the waters.

Banner Image Source: http://www.ukulelesforpeace.com

In this case, it is Paul Moore and his Ukuleles for Peace program that he initiated in Israel. It’s all about uniting Arab and Jewish children … the catalyst is teaching and performing ukulele music together.

Paul, born in the outskirts of London in 1950, provides weekly ukulele instruction to school children residing in the town of Tira (muslim Arab population) and Hod Hasharon (a Jewish city). Also central to the program is Daphna Orion, Paul’s wife, who is the program administrator.

The children routinely visit each other’s community (often with family members) to perform as a ukulele orchestra. They sing in Hebrew, Arabic and English. Music making events stimulate conversation, friendship and opportunity to invite broader participation in the program.

Paul Moore - Founder of Ukuleles For Peace

Viewing the 8″ YouTube documentary sponsored by Aquila strings (click here) provides a wonderful glimpse into what this program is all about. It is amazing how such a little 4-string instrument can help make something VERY BIG happen.

And if interested to connect with such a cause, it’s easy to contribute via PayPal on their website (www.ukulelesforpeace.com).

You can also purchase an eBook of “How to Play Ukuleles for Peace” which includes arrangements and tabs for 16 songs from well known ukulele artists.

How might this inspire YOU to create bridges in your community?

Greg H., True Joy Acoustics founder

Enjoying the Simple Moments

Sarah, Bailey, pond-side ukulele music - July 2010

The simple joy of connecting with music, enjoying the fresh outdoors, sharing the moment with a friend.

The kind of image you’d see browsing through any edition of LIFE magazine … remember when you had or made the time to do that?

This photo of my daughter, Sarah, was taken discreetly at a weekend get-away on a Kentucky farm. No staging, no posing, no predetermined photo op mission … just a candid slice of life image that inspired a quick snapshot and sharing it via the wonders of cyber technology.

Bailey, the furry 7-year old companion, has recently been diagnosed with cancer. Who says Music Therapy is just for human souls?

The founding mantra of True Joy Acoustics … BE TRUE, CONNECT, MAKE JOY … could not be expressed any better.

Greg H., True Joy Acoustics founder

Managing New String “Creeps”

New to the world of stringed instruments?

If purchasing a factory-fresh ukulele model or doing your first string change, you’ll soon notice it takes a few days and some “break in” playing time for strings to maintain a steady pitch.

Applies to most, if not all, musical instrument strings –– not just ukulele nylons.

Why? Instruments are shipped with relaxed string tension to minimize transit risks and preserve string life. When unpacked and tuned up, each string undergoes a material science effect known as CREEP.

Creep is simply the string material undergoing “inelastic stretching” … just like a fresh rubber band that gets stretched and does not fully return to its original smaller size when force is removed. Microscopically, this is due to various regions within the material slipping and responding differently to higher tension stresses. After time and a few workouts, neighboring regions within the material stabilize. Strings then undergo “elastic stretching” when played, and alas, stay reasonably in tune.

Don’t let creepy strings get you down. Keep your tuner handy the first few days, tune up before each practice session.

Musician Maker Kits make tuning a breeze by providing a Qwik-Tune electronic tuner in every kit, easy instructions, plus a belt-loop Accessory Pouch to tote it anywhere. And with high quality Grover tuners on every FLEA ukulele, you’ll soon find that you rarely need to adjust the tuning after the creeps are gone!

Greg, True Joy Acoustics founder

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