Our Community Roots

True Joy Acoustics is more than a source of fantastic FLEA ukuleles.

CCHMCbrianSarah,gifOur sales and sponsors support a steady stream of FLEA ukulele donations to the music therapy program at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center … at no extra cost to purchasers.

It was networking with several Cincinnati music therapists that sparked the business and community outreach model.

I am grateful for time and insights shared with me by music therapists Mimi Sinclair, Brian Schreck and Betsy MacConnell. These professionals support children and adults who benefit tremendously from their application of musical skills to create engaging therapeutic programs.


Brian Schreck, music therapist at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, explained to me the role of every instrument that he takes into patient rooms for a therapy session with a child, and on some occasions with family participation. Guitars, mandolins, drums, shakers, tambourines, keyboards … a complete musical playground that gets loaded onto a cart as he makes daily rounds!

banjo72dpi150x57His banjo was missing for orientation because one of his patients loved it so much that he wanted to hang onto it for awhile in his room.

Many days, weeks, even months pass for these children in a hospital room. I imagined myself in their situation. What would it mean to have my own instrument in the room all the time, not just when Brian visits for a session?

That instrument would break monotony. I could develop my own skills and songs. I’d leave that hospital not only healthier, but a better musician for it! And all the while, learning and playing would keep my mind centered on just being a kid making music versus feeling stuck in time and crisis at the hospital.

That “missing banjo” became an inspiration for creating a supply line of musical instruments to children in similar circumstances.

Greg, True Joy Acoustics founder


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