I won my ukulele at AFTER PROM!

What we are donating to several Cincinnati area high school After Prom raffles

Did not exist when I went to high school … After Prom. (Nor FLEA┬« ukuleles for that matter.) But thanks to parents, schools and sponsors these days, what a terrific venue for spending a special night out … keeping it fun and safe.

For high schoolers, of course, prom is all about adventure … the date, the dinner, the dance, even the drive. After all, most have acquired 1-2 years of driving experience, some already own their first car.

For parents, it’s about wanting their kids to have a great time … memories to serve a long lifetime. Nothing cut short by other “D’s” (drinking, drugs, dares, distractions).

You or your kids may be just fine. Consistently good choices. Great consequences. But organizations like MADD play an important role in reminding us that it’s not just about you or your kids. It’s also the others. Soberting statistics. About 10,000 perish every year in drunk-driving crashes on US roads. And car crashes are the leading cause of death among teens (about 1-in-3 alcohol related).

I sell musical instruments. Ukuleles. They won’t stop drunken nor careless driving, but they can offer just a little more spice and attraction to After Prom. Help kids enjoy all the adventure. Help parents, too, revel in the fun and strums for many years that follow.

Would you or your organization like to bring this prize to your local high school After Prom? Email me at info@truejoyacoustics.com with your After Prom information. I’ll gladly put together a UKULELE Prom Pack at special pricing. Can even send a flyer for the event and ship the pack directly to the winner’s house if timing is tight.

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