The Gift of Music

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  • Oh what FUN it is to STRUM … ready to play, plenty to explore
  • Make music FAST … without formal lessons or prior musical instrument experience
  • Easy to SHARE … one kit can please a crowd
  • Play ANYWHERE … tuner and tough cases make it easy to travel
  • Strum GREEN … no power cords or outlets
  • Skills for LIFE … learn ukulele, expand easily to other instruments
  • Simple for SANTA … doorstep delivery, all packed neat in kit case
  • Spreads the JOY … kit sales support worthy community connections

Greg H., True Joy Acoustics founder

Free Online Ukulele Tuner

Here’s a convenient tool when playing ukulele (+ other instruments) by the computer.

Click the following banner link, scroll down, select the “play” icon underneath each open string note. It will repeat the tone until you move to another string (or click “Stop Sound”) … makes it easy for you to adjust the tension on your corresponding ukulele string until you have a precise match. Set up for standard G-C-E-A tuning, but can be modified to any tuning. Hats off to Scott at for creating this!

And here’s an easy way to remember the standard tuning notes for ukulele. The following letters are the open string notes (i.e., playing each string open without fretting) as you progress from the top (4th) string closest to your face while holding the ukulele … to the bottom (1st) string which is farthest from your face:

G-C-E-A stands for Good Children Eat Apples.

You’re all set. Just bookmark this page, stop back and always strum your tunes true.

Greg H., True Joy Acoustics founder

Virtual Storefront of an Amazon Associate

Our program is focused on Musician Maker Kits featuring FLEA ukuleles.

We also help musicians grow by offering essential supplies and directing attention to terrific learning media, song collections and accessories for best play. We wade through endless options to identify “best picks”.

The Amazon Associates program is a key enabler. We feature our own ukulele kits plus our “best pick” of related items listed by Amazon as well as other retailers on the Amazon site. This includes other ukulele models.

This “virtual storefront” with our built-in guidance is easy to reach. Website viewers simply click on the box link (or any of the small Amazon shopping carts that appear on our website) to reach descriptive pages and offerings.

At no additional cost to the shopper, Amazon purchases that originate from our link generate a small commission. These funds help support the True Joy Acoustics program. Feel free to give it a whirl:

Purchases do not need to be music related. Most Amazon listings qualify. Makes it easy to connect with our program even if not a ukulele strummer.

Greg H., True Joy Acoustics founder

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