Moms and Music

The Big Picture: We all have one.  MOM.  With an estimated 82.5 million moms in the USA, we all have much to celebrate on this special day.  Especially those new to life in the 11,000 births happening today, and any other day on average.

Many moms are young and near … some may be far away … others have parted from the world and Census counting altogether.  Nevertheless, always a MOM.

Moms make the best music, even if they don’t know how to read a stick of music.  If not for moms, the world would have no great composers, performers, music legends, even our American Idol contestants that entertain and inspire.

The first true musician in all of our lives, their own natural way.  Lullabies that soothe us as infants, simple melody songs or hums that help us learn to communicate.  It often doesn’t stop there.  Music lessons, reminders to practice, school concerts, recitals, competitions and so on.  A child learning music knows that they always have at least one gracious and appreciative audience called MOM.  Rest is gravy.

So today, whether music minded or not, let us all applaud the music of our moms!

Greg H., True Joy Acoustics founder

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