Note by Note – Inspiration at the Library

Taking an occasional stroll down the public library aisles can be a fruitful (and free) way to discover fresh inspiration.

Here’s one for anyone involved in the music learning process: Note by Note – A Celebration of the Piano Lesson, written by Tricia Tunstall, ©2008.


Source: Hamilton County Public Library. CLICK IMAGE for YouTube interview of Tricia Tunstall.

The context is PIANO. But readers need not be piano students, teachers or classical music enthusiasts to savor the author’s musical passion, insights and intellect. Her observations transcend to learning and loving any instrument.

Tricia Tunstall shares many stories on the ritual of lessons and the teacher/student relationship; diverse student personalities and learning styles; the discipline required to master skills and classical works; interesting examples on deciphering and respecting the complexities (and simplicities) in today’s pop culture music; persevering through recital performance; creating original works and improvisation.

She describes her advanced students (pp 126) as those making a discovery about themselves: “They are in this because of an attraction to the act of playing that is compelling, deep and inarguable. They have experienced the sheer physical pleasure of technical facility and soul-stirring elation of expressive power, and they have discovered that these satisfactions are somehow essential to their lives … it comes entirely from within.” Universal for any form of musicianship.

The book goes beyond reflections on music pedagogy. Tricia wraps it up with a very personal and tragic aspect within her own family life. But don’t jump ahead! The book’s 214 pages are an easy, engaging and rewarding read.

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Ukuleles for Summer Fun!

Q: What time of year is best for buying and learning ukulele?

A: For traditional school instruments, a new school year and holiday gift budgets often set the timing and means. It’s also hard to make progress on such instruments without private lessons or a professional classroom instructor.

We encourage ukulele purchases throughout the year with our everyday low pricing. More affordable than traditional band instruments and playable right from the start. Take advantage of FREE SHIPPING specials!

Warmer outdoor seasons provide ample opportunity to learn and enjoy ukulele: school break activity, vacation take-along, family & friend get-togethers, time spent with grandparents, workday child care programs, summer camps, church groups and more!

If starting up a ukulele club or interested in procuring ukuleles for fundraising efforts (e.g., school music programs), please send an email to for special pricing.

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Thank You Mom Bloggers

❛Good family life is never an accident but always an achievement by those who share it.❜
James H. Bossard (mid-20th century family/social life researcher and author)

The computer age, blogging and an exploding community of mom bloggers enable a 24/7 interactive forum among thousands of parents pursuing a common goal: achieving good family life. A powerful medium to share and learn –– supplementing the vital workings within a family’s household that contribute to well being.

Sharing new product discoveries and candid reviews based on family evaluation play a major role. And frequent product give-aways stimulate a large base of followers in blog spheres, Facebook, Twitter, Google … an attractive word-of-mouth advertising channel for manufacturer sponsors who serve family needs.

True Joy Acoustics is appreciative of many mom bloggers who featured our ukulele kits within their 2010 Holiday Gift Guides. These posts were made graciously without fee in light of our community outreach mission (Clovernook Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center).

These mom’s also recognize the power of musicality in creating family connections and memories, lifelong skills and perhaps even shaping a family member’s professional career. Musical instruments featured in our all-inclusive learning kits make it easy and inexpensive to learn ukulele (plus other instruments later) … sparking new interests and skills … creating connections with family, friends, schoolmates and even the world at large with tools such as YouTube.

Below is a sampling of sites that listed Musician Maker Kits featuring FLEA ukuleles in 2010. Just click on their respective icons and you will be linked to a world of immense personality, informative product reviews and social media connectivity.

Beyond Holiday Gift Guides, most mom bloggers provide informative and often entertaining product reviews all year long. They’re equipped with a search box (e.g., type in “ukulele” and True Joy Acoustics feature will appear), making them a trusted resource to explore historical product reviews at your favorite mom blogger sites. So bookmark and enjoy!

Greg H., True Joy Acoustics founder

Have Sippy Will Travel

A Mom's Take

The Gift of Music

Click to see 2 minute feature video

  • Oh what FUN it is to STRUM … ready to play, plenty to explore
  • Make music FAST … without formal lessons or prior musical instrument experience
  • Easy to SHARE … one kit can please a crowd
  • Play ANYWHERE … tuner and tough cases make it easy to travel
  • Strum GREEN … no power cords or outlets
  • Skills for LIFE … learn ukulele, expand easily to other instruments
  • Simple for SANTA … doorstep delivery, all packed neat in kit case
  • Spreads the JOY … kit sales support worthy community connections

Greg H., True Joy Acoustics founder

Free Online Ukulele Tuner

Here’s a convenient tool when playing ukulele (+ other instruments) by the computer.

Click the following banner link, scroll down, select the “play” icon underneath each open string note. It will repeat the tone until you move to another string (or click “Stop Sound”) … makes it easy for you to adjust the tension on your corresponding ukulele string until you have a precise match. Set up for standard G-C-E-A tuning, but can be modified to any tuning. Hats off to Scott at for creating this!

And here’s an easy way to remember the standard tuning notes for ukulele. The following letters are the open string notes (i.e., playing each string open without fretting) as you progress from the top (4th) string closest to your face while holding the ukulele … to the bottom (1st) string which is farthest from your face:

G-C-E-A stands for Good Children Eat Apples.

You’re all set. Just bookmark this page, stop back and always strum your tunes true.

Greg H., True Joy Acoustics founder

Virtual Storefront of an Amazon Associate

Our program is focused on Musician Maker Kits featuring FLEA ukuleles.

We also help musicians grow by offering essential supplies and directing attention to terrific learning media, song collections and accessories for best play. We wade through endless options to identify “best picks”.

The Amazon Associates program is a key enabler. We feature our own ukulele kits plus our “best pick” of related items listed by Amazon as well as other retailers on the Amazon site. This includes other ukulele models.

This “virtual storefront” with our built-in guidance is easy to reach. Website viewers simply click on the box link (or any of the small Amazon shopping carts that appear on our website) to reach descriptive pages and offerings.

At no additional cost to the shopper, Amazon purchases that originate from our link generate a small commission. These funds help support the True Joy Acoustics program. Feel free to give it a whirl:

Purchases do not need to be music related. Most Amazon listings qualify. Makes it easy to connect with our program even if not a ukulele strummer.

Greg H., True Joy Acoustics founder

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