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Looking for a fun musical instrument … a ukulele?

A dizzying number of options exist at your fingertips. The challenge is knowing where to search … deciding what’s best … making a confident purchase.

We keep it simple. Durable FLEA® ukuleles made in the USA. Three models. Perfect for beginners and pros. An easier alternative or stepping stone to playing guitar, too.

Three new “ukulele shops” in the blogosphere help others discover us.

Please click “shops” below and see. Helps train the search engines! Share with others looking for a terrific ukulele – or easier alternative to guitar.

Greg, True Joy Acoustics founder

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THANK YOU Fifth Third Bank

FUN STRUMS is a program that invites local businesses to accelerate ukulele donations to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. We thank the following organization for their heartfelt support:

Fifth Third Bank

Please visit the bank’s website (click name above) to see their broad range of personal and commercial banking services. They offer convenient branches, bank marts and ATM’s across the Greater Cincinnati region and beyond. My family has appreciated excellent service at Fifth Third Bank for many years.

What makes a FLEA ukulele special for music therapy?

Same benefits of guitar, yet much easier for hospital PATIENTS to hold and play.

Guitars are popular instruments among music therapists. They are multi-sensorial. A guitar’s aural spectrum, physical vibration and fine motor-skill interactivity makes it a powerful all-in-one “tool box” across many music therapy protocols.

However, guitar is difficult if not impossible for PATIENTS to hold in a wheelchair or bed position.

Wood/glue construction and finishes make guitars sensitive to environmental conditions (temperature, humidity), physical shock and routine wipe downs for infection control.

FLEA Ukulele - a natural fit with pediatric hospital music therapy

A guitar’s metal strings are not as gentle on sensitive skin as a ukulele’s nylon strings.

Common guitar chords require three or more fingers straddling a wider fingerboard, whereas many ukulele chords can be formed with just one or two fingers.

FLEA ukuleles overcome these guitar hindrances without compromising fine/gross motor skill engagement, multi-sensory stimulation and emotional enjoyment.

Even PEDIATRIC PATIENTS can hold and play a “real acoustic instrument” firsthand.

Learn more about a FLEA ukulele’s innovative features by clicking here.

These same features make a FLEA ukulele ideal for ANY beginner or player. They promote successful musicianship from the start plus an easier path to mastering guitar.

Are you or your business interested in helping us bring more ukulele joy to hospitalized kids? Email us ( for more information. Modest pledges go a long way.

As always, you can personally support this cause by visiting True Joy Acoustics. Treat yourself or others to the fun of playing a FLEA ukulele packed within our exclusive Musician Maker Kits. The more we sell, the more we donate.

Greg, True Joy Acoustics founder

Ukulele and The Beatles

Ukulele and guitar go hand in hand with many great musicians.

Many guitarists even credit their start to ukulele and ukulele-like instruments (e.g., banjolele), such as Chet Atkins and Peter Frampton.

Paul McCartney performs an inspirational ukulele tribute to his Beatles band mate, George Harrison. Just wowed a Cincinnati stadium audience with this performance. Here’s an earlier video in Quebec:

Do you aspire to become a great guitarist? Starting with ukulele makes an easy path to playing guitar. Who knows, you may also find ukulele a nice way to spice up your concerts, just like Paul.

Greg, True Joy Acoustics founder

Thank You Mom Bloggers

❛Good family life is never an accident but always an achievement by those who share it.❜
James H. Bossard (mid-20th century family/social life researcher and author)

The computer age, blogging and an exploding community of mom bloggers enable a 24/7 interactive forum among thousands of parents pursuing a common goal: achieving good family life. A powerful medium to share and learn –– supplementing the vital workings within a family’s household that contribute to well being.

Sharing new product discoveries and candid reviews based on family evaluation play a major role. And frequent product give-aways stimulate a large base of followers in blog spheres, Facebook, Twitter, Google … an attractive word-of-mouth advertising channel for manufacturer sponsors who serve family needs.

True Joy Acoustics is appreciative of many mom bloggers who featured our ukulele kits within their 2010 Holiday Gift Guides. These posts were made graciously without fee in light of our community outreach mission (Clovernook Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center).

These mom’s also recognize the power of musicality in creating family connections and memories, lifelong skills and perhaps even shaping a family member’s professional career. Musical instruments featured in our all-inclusive learning kits make it easy and inexpensive to learn ukulele (plus other instruments later) … sparking new interests and skills … creating connections with family, friends, schoolmates and even the world at large with tools such as YouTube.

Below is a sampling of sites that listed Musician Maker Kits featuring FLEA ukuleles in 2010. Just click on their respective icons and you will be linked to a world of immense personality, informative product reviews and social media connectivity.

Beyond Holiday Gift Guides, most mom bloggers provide informative and often entertaining product reviews all year long. They’re equipped with a search box (e.g., type in “ukulele” and True Joy Acoustics feature will appear), making them a trusted resource to explore historical product reviews at your favorite mom blogger sites. So bookmark and enjoy!

Greg H., True Joy Acoustics founder

Have Sippy Will Travel

A Mom's Take

An Easier Way to Learn Music

FLEA ukuleles are fun yet serious instruments.

They also provide an easier, economical stepping-stone to playing guitar and other instruments later.

Learning larger instruments can be a handful, usually requiring help.

Many kids want to jump right into playing guitar. Not a toy, but a real guitar. Popular, versatile and cool to play.

But not so easy once you actually have one. Standard guitar sizes can be a handful. Higher tension strings (made of metal on standard guitars) can irritate the fingers until you build up calluses. Learning chords across six strings and even playing simple notes often requires professional lessons. Lots of practice to play basic tunes.

Guitars are great, no doubt about it. But there is an easier way to get started.

FLEA ukuleles are SIZED RIGHT for any beginner. Four strings made of finger-friendly nylon are easy to play. Many chords (and hence songs) can be played by pressing just one or two fingers down on non-metal frets.

The world of making music opens up quickly after players start and excel with our kits. Just strumming the open strings of a FLEA ukulele makes a pleasant rich sound!

Ukuleles can become a lifelong passion and facilitate learning other musical instruments later. They help you learn musical rhythm, simple and complex strumming techniques, fretting individual notes and chord riffs, how to tune up your instrument, and how to play along with others … even if just accompanying YouTube performances!

Greg H., True Joy Acoustics founder

Ukulele and Peter Frampton

Peter Frampton. Superb guitarist, rock star legend, lifelong musician who plays with vibrant heart and soul.

It all began by strumming a close cousin of the ukulele –– a banjolele from his grandmother –– with his father teaching him a few chords to play Tom Dooley and Michael, Row Your Boat Ashore at the age of 7.

Peter Frampton shares how the Banjolele formed the roots of his musicianship (segment begins at 1:45 into 7:48 video)

A banjolele has 4 strings and is fretted, tuned and played like a ukulele; however, it has the body of a small banjo which provides distinctive banjo sound and volume.

Mr. Frampton recounts this career inspiration when describing the song track “Vaudeville Nanna and the Banjolele” from his latest album entitled Thank You Mr. Churchill. Click here for YouTube video link. The song is autobiographical, and in his own words: “the title of the song is me, equals Peter Frampton”.

What a great testimony to the power of musical inspiration from within the family … starting small and simple with easy strums and songs … evolving it into a 53 year guitarist journey and still keeping it fresh and strong.

Greg H., True Joy Acoustics founder

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