Ukulele Therapy: WKRC Local 12 and Hamilton Journal News

What makes our FLEA ukulele donation program special this month? The instrument count zipped past the 50th instrument milestone at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC). Our single largest donation was spiced up with many unique colors. The tally (since 2010) soared to 55 FLEA ukuleles!

Making it all the more special was a news spotlight by Liz Bonis at local CBS affiliate (WKRC Local 12 News)Click here or image below to view the magic of FLEA ukuleles and Music Therapy:


A “sneak preview” of the donation set was displayed at the Liberty Township campus of CCHMC. Jenn Selely, a board certified Music Therapist and Certified Child Life Specialist, joined me to host a Q&A session with the Hamilton Journal News. Click here or image below to view the story:


Donations on this scale would not be possible without generous support from individuals and businesses.

For this round, extra recognition goes to Sharon and Dave Kitzmiller who set an impressive record for an individual pledge. Their generosity alone enabled SIXTEEN colorful FLEA ukuleles to go into the hospital’s music therapy program! It all started with casual conversation at our Anderson High School reunion this summer. What an impact they chose to make. Thank you Sharon and Dave!

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Email me at if you would like to sponsor a donation of one or more FLEA ukuleles to the music therapy program at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. It’s easy and will certainly bring joy to your heart as well as many kids spending their holidays in a hospital.

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