THANK YOU Dale Rabiner of DHR Guitar Experience

THANK YOU to Dale Rabiner, owner of DHR Guitar Experience in Oakley. His sponsor gift supplies a large FLEA ukulele set to mental health applications of music therapy. And it enables the “Ukulele Art” fundraiser to zip past the base goal (not a finish line)!

Please meet Dale in this video. Discover what his special guitar shop in the heart of Oakley is all about. If you love guitars, pay him a visit, don’t miss out.

I personally can testify to the DHR Guitar Experience. Delivers everything promised in the video. You experience the depth of Dale’s knowledge and passion for fine guitars. The shop is quaint, comfortable and amply stocked with well-displayed variety. Especially if left-handed and want to play naturally vs. told just play right-handed (by right-handed staffers at other stores). Paul McCartney never settled for that.

Browsing and play opportunities are guided without pressure. Easily extend the experience via: exceptional accessories and supplies, lessons to start or build talents, hosted events with outstanding musicians. And letting that “healthy guitar contagion” stimulate repeat visits to discover and set your sights on your next dream guitar!

Remember those SAT analogies? Dale and DHR Guitar Experience is to Guitar Enthusiasts as Music Therapy is to Patients. The parallels are striking. It’s all about customizing live musicianship with quality instruments to create joy in life, no matter what obstacles stand in the way.

I am proud to have Dale join me in dedicating this ukulele set to the College Hill campus of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Devoted to PSYCHIATRY. Two music therapists serve individuals and groups – complementing their many other life saving and stabilizing interventions. PLEASE watch this video. We all can work together to shatter the stigma of talking, learning about and seeking Mental Health treatment.

Please consider making a contribution to our ongoing “Ukuleles for Hospital Music Therapy” campaign on GoFundMe. Steady growth beyond the base goal brings more holistic music therapy to those in critical care settings.

THANK YOU Rainsong Graphite Guitars

THANK YOU to Rainsong Graphite Guitars for donating their newest model (CH-OM), fully equipped with LR Baggs electronics and hard shell case.

Special thanks to Dave who viewed and shared the innovative music therapy role of Brian Schreck, MA, MT-BC within Rainsong. He secured fast, special case agreement to donate this guitar to Brian and his work at Norton Cancer Institute in Louisville – shipping it cross country with my latest guitar adventure. Love Rainsong guitars!

Rainsong is an innovative USA designer and manufacturer of carbon fiber guitars. Located in Woodinville, WA (Seattle area) which has logging roots, densely wooded neighborhoods, sweeping winery grounds. But not a speck of wood in their guitars!

What is “carbon fiber”? How is it formed into superior acoustic instruments?

Carbon fiber is composed mostly of carbon atoms bonded together at high temperature (up to 2,800°C). Lightweight yet extremely strong, chemically resistant and woven into fabrics. Rainsong blends and layers these fabrics with ingenuity – creating a guitar with stunning tonal properties, classy appearance and lightness. Very comfortable to play. Resilient to swings in temperature and humidity. Musical notes form and flow freely from the guitar’s soundboard and smooth interior since no bracing is required.

In other words: take a premium wood acoustic guitar. Design IN the visual elegance, articulation, tonal balance and sustain of a concert hall piano. Design OUT natural instabilities of glued wood construction (swells, contractions, warps, looseness). Now CROSS IT with the lightweight sleekness of an Indy race car. Voilà!

Why is this guitar well suited for Music Therapy? If you play all day, every day and subject a guitar to rigorous sanitization protocols, the advantages listed above are obvious. A not-so-obvious benefit is a Rainsong guitar’s superb tuning stability since the instrument is not expanding/contracting with changes in room conditions (which causes tuning to drift). Time is spent making live music, not tuning and retuning.

What’s special here is this guitar’s matchup with an innovative Music Therapist. The pioneering work of Brian Schreck is featured in this preview of a heart stirring documentary entitled “The Beat of the Heart”:


For more information about Rainsong Graphite Guitars, please visit: You can also see an exceptional review of Rainsong’s CH-OM guitar by Teja Gerken of

Play guitar. Play ukulele. And please consider making a contribution to our “Ukuleles for Hospital Music Therapy” campaign on GoFundMe. Reaching and soaring past the goal will bring more holistic music therapy to those in critical care settings.


THANK YOU Hauer Music in Centerville, OH

THANK YOU to Jim Hauer of HAUER MUSIC for donating a premium Little Martin guitar and case to the new music therapy program at Dayton Children’s Hospital. Not the standard model: Martin’s beautiful Hawaiian KOA pattern!

True Joy Acoustics originated its hospital donation concept (i.e., instruments well suited for Music Therapy sessions AND loaning to patients for 24/7 therapeutic play) at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in 2009 with a Little Martin guitar. Instant patient thrills, versatile music therapy “tool”.

When I discovered the recent startup of music therapy at Dayton Children’s and mentioned it to Jim, he instantly responded with “I’d love to help out the music therapy cause for Dayton area families”. Then he offered up this superb instrument. Wow!

Have you seen Ed Sheeran perform with his Little Martin? Phenomenal one-man show with guitar, looper pedal and incredible vocal artistry! Equally impressive is how this young star shares his time off stage. Check out this fresh video of Ed with patients inside the Seacrest Studio at Boston Children’s Hospital:

Music therapy started May 2017 at Dayton Children’s main campus. Lindsey Steinbrunner, MT-BC packs a 3-day schedule serving up to 15 patients (going basis) in their rooms using a basic instrument set. The addition of this guitar, along with other premium instrument donations, will boost the hospital’s music therapy capability and joy.

Can you imagine being a child stuck in the hospital? Yet feeling the thrill of jamming along with or playing a Little Martin similar to what Ed Sheeran plays on stage? And all the while, not being mindful of where you are and why? This instrument is exceptionally durable and will reach hundreds of patients in the years ahead.

Hauer Music ( is an easy reach for broader Dayton/Cincinnati metro area. Their large showroom, lesson studio and performance stage is situated in the heart of Centerville, Ohio, just minutes from the Dayton Mall, Interstates 75 and 675, State Routes 725 and 48 and historic downtown Centerville at 528 Miamisburg Centerville Road. Only 20 minutes north of Cincinnati Premium Outlets mall in Monroe.

There’s good reason Hauer Music is celebrating 80 years of existence. Jim is the third generation owner. He stocks virtually every instrument you and family members want to play, plus all the accessories and lessons you’d ever need for exceptional musicianship. CLICK HERE to see their impressive lineup of instructors. This guitar donation exemplifies how they impact the broader wellbeing of the community by supporting pediatric hospital music therapy.

Beyond visiting Hauer Music, please consider making a contribution to our “Ukuleles for Hospital Music Therapy” campaign on GoFundMe.

Reaching the goal will bring more holistic music therapy to those in critical care settings.

THANK YOU C. F. Martin & Co.

THANK YOU to C. F. Martin & Co. for donating two premium “0X Uke” instruments with colorful red and blue bamboo finishes, plus Martin cases. Special thanks to Kristi B.

Martin 0X Bamboo ukulele set

C. F. Martin & Co. (Nazareth, PA) is America’s premier GUITAR maker. Over 180 years! Fun fact: Martin turned out more UKULELES than guitars during the 1920’s given the ukulele boom triggered by a 1915 Pan-Pacific Exposition in San Francisco.

What makes this donation special is that True Joy Acoustics originated its hospital donation concept (i.e., instruments well suited for Music Therapy sessions AND loaning to patients for 24/7 therapeutic play) in 2009 with a “Little Martin” guitar. Brian Schreck, MA, MT-BC relayed its instant reception and full-time utility at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

Brian Schreck - Little Martin Guitar - Aug 2009 - 300dpi600x900

The Little Martin’s impeccable quality and “high pressure laminate” construction (holds up to rigorous sanitization) enabled it to become a versatile TOOL for music therapy in critical care settings. Due to various factors, however, the program expanded with FLEA brand ukuleles to broaden patient reach beyond guitars: smaller body, fewer and softer nylon strings, easier mastery.

Since our 2010 launch, Martin introduced “0X” bamboo ukes which have cheerful colors and the same rugged construction as their Little Martin guitar. The company’s donation of these instruments is a reflection on our program roots, plus a heartfelt gesture that will undoubtedly touch hundreds of patients in the years ahead.

These colorful Martin ukuleles will be presented to Brian Schreck in recognition of his pioneering spirit and impact. Now located in Louisville, Brian’s music therapy team at Norton Healthcare serves adult and pediatric patients.

For more information about Martin guitars, visit: Treat yourself or a family member to a beautiful Martin! And please consider making a contribution to our “Ukuleles for Hospital Music Therapy” campaign on GoFundMe:

Reaching the goal will bring more holistic music therapy to those in critical care settings.

THANK YOU Fifth Third Bank

FUN STRUMS is a program that invites local businesses to accelerate ukulele donations to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. We thank the following organization for their heartfelt support:

Fifth Third Bank

Please visit the bank’s website (click name above) to see their broad range of personal and commercial banking services. They offer convenient branches, bank marts and ATM’s across the Greater Cincinnati region and beyond. My family has appreciated excellent service at Fifth Third Bank for many years.

What makes a FLEA ukulele special for music therapy?

Same benefits of guitar, yet much easier for hospital PATIENTS to hold and play.

Guitars are popular instruments among music therapists. They are multi-sensorial. A guitar’s aural spectrum, physical vibration and fine motor-skill interactivity makes it a powerful all-in-one “tool box” across many music therapy protocols.

However, guitar is difficult if not impossible for PATIENTS to hold in a wheelchair or bed position.

Wood/glue construction and finishes make guitars sensitive to environmental conditions (temperature, humidity), physical shock and routine wipe downs for infection control.

FLEA Ukulele - a natural fit with pediatric hospital music therapy

A guitar’s metal strings are not as gentle on sensitive skin as a ukulele’s nylon strings.

Common guitar chords require three or more fingers straddling a wider fingerboard, whereas many ukulele chords can be formed with just one or two fingers.

FLEA ukuleles overcome these guitar hindrances without compromising fine/gross motor skill engagement, multi-sensory stimulation and emotional enjoyment.

Even PEDIATRIC PATIENTS can hold and play a “real acoustic instrument” firsthand.

Learn more about a FLEA ukulele’s innovative features by clicking here.

These same features make a FLEA ukulele ideal for ANY beginner or player. They promote successful musicianship from the start plus an easier path to mastering guitar.

Are you or your business interested in helping us bring more ukulele joy to hospitalized kids? Email us ( for more information. Modest pledges go a long way.

As always, you can personally support this cause by visiting True Joy Acoustics. Treat yourself or others to the fun of playing a FLEA ukulele packed within our exclusive Musician Maker Kits. The more we sell, the more we donate.

Greg, True Joy Acoustics founder

An Easier Way to Learn Music

FLEA ukuleles are fun yet serious instruments.

They also provide an easier, economical stepping-stone to playing guitar and other instruments later.

Learning larger instruments can be a handful, usually requiring help.

Many kids want to jump right into playing guitar. Not a toy, but a real guitar. Popular, versatile and cool to play.

But not so easy once you actually have one. Standard guitar sizes can be a handful. Higher tension strings (made of metal on standard guitars) can irritate the fingers until you build up calluses. Learning chords across six strings and even playing simple notes often requires professional lessons. Lots of practice to play basic tunes.

Guitars are great, no doubt about it. But there is an easier way to get started.

FLEA ukuleles are SIZED RIGHT for any beginner. Four strings made of finger-friendly nylon are easy to play. Many chords (and hence songs) can be played by pressing just one or two fingers down on non-metal frets.

The world of making music opens up quickly after players start and excel with our kits. Just strumming the open strings of a FLEA ukulele makes a pleasant rich sound!

Ukuleles can become a lifelong passion and facilitate learning other musical instruments later. They help you learn musical rhythm, simple and complex strumming techniques, fretting individual notes and chord riffs, how to tune up your instrument, and how to play along with others … even if just accompanying YouTube performances!

Greg H., True Joy Acoustics founder

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