THANK YOU Dale Rabiner of DHR Guitar Experience

THANK YOU to Dale Rabiner, owner of DHR Guitar Experience in Oakley. His sponsor gift supplies a large FLEA ukulele set to mental health applications of music therapy. And it enables the “Ukulele Art” fundraiser to zip past the base goal (not a finish line)!

Please meet Dale in this video. Discover what his special guitar shop in the heart of Oakley is all about. If you love guitars, pay him a visit, don’t miss out.

I personally can testify to the DHR Guitar Experience. Delivers everything promised in the video. You experience the depth of Dale’s knowledge and passion for fine guitars. The shop is quaint, comfortable and amply stocked with well-displayed variety. Especially if left-handed and want to play naturally vs. told just play right-handed (by right-handed staffers at other stores). Paul McCartney never settled for that.

Browsing and play opportunities are guided without pressure. Easily extend the experience via: exceptional accessories and supplies, lessons to start or build talents, hosted events with outstanding musicians. And letting that “healthy guitar contagion” stimulate repeat visits to discover and set your sights on your next dream guitar!

Remember those SAT analogies? Dale and DHR Guitar Experience is to Guitar Enthusiasts as Music Therapy is to Patients. The parallels are striking. It’s all about customizing live musicianship with quality instruments to create joy in life, no matter what obstacles stand in the way.

I am proud to have Dale join me in dedicating this ukulele set to the College Hill campus of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Devoted to PSYCHIATRY. Two music therapists serve individuals and groups – complementing their many other life saving and stabilizing interventions. PLEASE watch this video. We all can work together to shatter the stigma of talking, learning about and seeking Mental Health treatment.

Please consider making a contribution to our ongoing “Ukuleles for Hospital Music Therapy” campaign on GoFundMe. Steady growth beyond the base goal brings more holistic music therapy to those in critical care settings.

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  1. […] Dale Rabiner, owner of DHR Guitar Experience in Oakley, generously sponsored this ukulele set and dedicated use. […]


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