Dayton Children’s Hospital – Music Therapy In Action

It was an honor last week to connect area sponsors and support Lindsey Steinbrunner, MT-BC with versatile instruments at Dayton Children’s Hospital. Lindsey is a board certified music therapist and graduate of University of Dayton’s program.

The five donated instruments are ideal “tools” for music therapy. They would not be possible without the generosity of Dayton area sponsors: Together We Fight and Hauer Music. Please click on their names to see, share and support their missions.

Together We Fight provides newly diagnosed cancer patients with colorful totes packed with care items. Hauer Music helps everyone bring music into the world –– offering virtually any musical instrument, accessory and lesson you would want plus a stage.

Dayton Children’s captured the event on their website, along with area news stations:

Lindsey and instrument sponsors also shared their programs via live studio appearance on “Living Dayton” at WDTN (NBC affiliate) – CLICK on photo to watch:

Please consider joining this heartfelt cause. Making a contribution to our “Ukuleles for Hospital Music Therapy” campaign on GoFundMe will bring more holistic care to those in critical care settings:

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