THANK YOU “Together We Fight” in Dayton, OH

THANK YOU to Together We Fight for sponsoring a colorful set of THREE concert FLEA ukuleles for the new music therapy program at Dayton Children’s Hospital.

Together We Fight is a Dayton based foundation started by the families of Ally Barnett and Caulin Booher. Both children successfully battled leukemia at Dayton Children’s.

What’s it like to be a child receiving a cancer diagnosis and life saving interventions? How does it feel as their parents or sibling? Caulin Booher and his family provide an inspirational glimpse in the hospital website’s Patient Story and video:

Together We Fight supports kids diagnosed with cancer via gift bags packed with ample supplies: pillow pets, gas cards, parking tokens, gift cards, games, other items for a long hospital stay. They send a powerful message: you’re not alone, we’re in this together. Follow on Facebook ( to see and help their fundraising.

We share a similar mission of togetherness. FLEA ukuleles donated via True Joy Acoustics weave a heartfelt MUSICAL connection among patients, families, therapists, purchasers, sponsors and broader community.

Music therapy started May 2017 at Dayton Children’s main campus. Lindsey Steinbrunner, MT-BC packs a 3-day schedule serving up to 15 patients (going basis) in their rooms using a basic instrument set. FLEA ukuleles will boost the hospital’s music therapy capability and joy.

Each FLEA ukulele can reach hundreds of patients in the years ahead given their ease of play, durability, resilience to sanitization procedures. They are central to our hospital donation concept (i.e., instruments well suited for Music Therapy sessions AND loaning to patients for 24/7 therapeutic play) at leading pediatric hospitals since 2009.

Please consider joining this heartfelt cause. Making a contribution to our “Ukuleles for Hospital Music Therapy” campaign on GoFundMe will bring more holistic care to those in critical care settings:

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