THANK YOU C. F. Martin & Co.

THANK YOU to C. F. Martin & Co. for donating two premium “0X Uke” instruments with colorful red and blue bamboo finishes, plus Martin cases. Special thanks to Kristi B.

Martin 0X Bamboo ukulele set

C. F. Martin & Co. (Nazareth, PA) is America’s premier GUITAR maker. Over 180 years! Fun fact: Martin turned out more UKULELES than guitars during the 1920’s given the ukulele boom triggered by a 1915 Pan-Pacific Exposition in San Francisco.

What makes this donation special is that True Joy Acoustics originated its hospital donation concept (i.e., instruments well suited for Music Therapy sessions AND loaning to patients for 24/7 therapeutic play) in 2009 with a “Little Martin” guitar. Brian Schreck, MA, MT-BC relayed its instant reception and full-time utility at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

Brian Schreck - Little Martin Guitar - Aug 2009 - 300dpi600x900

The Little Martin’s impeccable quality and “high pressure laminate” construction (holds up to rigorous sanitization) enabled it to become a versatile TOOL for music therapy in critical care settings. Due to various factors, however, the program expanded with FLEA brand ukuleles to broaden patient reach beyond guitars: smaller body, fewer and softer nylon strings, easier mastery.

Since our 2010 launch, Martin introduced “0X” bamboo ukes which have cheerful colors and the same rugged construction as their Little Martin guitar. The company’s donation of these instruments is a reflection on our program roots, plus a heartfelt gesture that will undoubtedly touch hundreds of patients in the years ahead.

These colorful Martin ukuleles will be presented to Brian Schreck in recognition of his pioneering spirit and impact. Now located in Louisville, Brian’s music therapy team at Norton Healthcare serves adult and pediatric patients.

For more information about Martin guitars, visit: Treat yourself or a family member to a beautiful Martin! And please consider making a contribution to our “Ukuleles for Hospital Music Therapy” campaign on GoFundMe:

Reaching the goal will bring more holistic music therapy to those in critical care settings.


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