Celebrating 5 Gold Stars for FLEA Ukulele Sales


True Joy Acoustics earns 5 Star Customer Ratings on Amazon and eBay

A strong predictor of your online purchase satisfaction is the experience of prior shoppers

The experience of prior shoppers is a strong predictor of your satisfaction

Some shoppers have limited experience purchasing a musical instrument over the internet, even though it is quite common to do so. Ukuleles are a fast growing segment … mainstream music popularity, easy to learn among all age groups, not too big, not too pricey, growing abundance of brands and model options to choose.

True Joy Acoustics has sold hundreds of FLEA® brand ukuleles. Primarily on the internet, but also by direct sales at professional expos and local customers. We, and our growing customer base, believe a FLEA® is simply the best ukulele for beginners plus advancing players.

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out what our buyers have posted directly on the largest e-commerce channels. Simply click each icon below to see ratings and reviews:

eBay Customer Ratings

eBay Customer Ratings

Amazon Customer Ratings

Amazon Customer Ratings

Red FLEA Reviews on Amazon

Red FLEA Reviews on Amazon

Natural Reviews

Natural FLEA

Blue Reviews


Wanna’ PLAY or PLEDGE a FLEA® ukulele? Visit www.truejoyacoustics.com to learn more plus connect to Amazon and eBay listings. Purchases are convenient, secure, delivered FREE (continental USA) and backed by Buyer Protection Programs on these two well established e-commerce stores.

Email me at info@truejoyacoustics.com if you would like to sponsor a donation of one or more FLEA ukuleles to the music therapy program at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. It’s easy and will certainly bring joy to your heart as well as many kids spending weeks in a hospital.

click to visit our website

Bloggers, visit us on: WordPress (True Joy Acoustics – Community), WordPress (Ukulele Shops), Tumblr (Ukulele Shops) and Blogger (Ukulele Shops). Comments and connections welcome!



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