Flea Ukuleles WIN Presidential VOTE

Freedom to vote. A wonderful privilege and one that we owe much to those who sacrificed to earn it. What’s that got to do with ukuleles?

A close presidential race. Over $2B in campaign funds have been raised and spent to influence our voting freedom. Those funds aim at “swing” voters (about 3-5% total voters), but we all get to view the endless ads and flyers. Not sure we’re wiser for it all. So here’s where ukuleles come in, and I’m talking the best, FLEA ukuleles.

If running for president, use your $1B to distribute FLEA ukuleles. Win over the swing voters with the world’s most uplifting music. How many concert FLEAs would that buy?


The ultimate presidential election tool

Let the other candidate spend their $1B in “paid talk”. Use social media for your “free talk” and distribute FLEAs nationally to “let your music speak”.

Or concentrate on OHIO, a swing state. That’s one FLEA ukulele to each of the 4.6 million households. Extra to spare. You, along side your running mate and family members, must strum, too! Voilàswing voters become loyal strum voters. You become president.

Doubtful? Ask any FLEA strummer if they feel better about themselves and where the world is heading. True joy.

Why FLEA ukuleles? Superb quality AND in tune with a politically correct agenda:

G: Grows our economy. Made in USA. 10 million FLEA’s (if both candidates wise up to this strategy) catapult the manufacturer’s total output to date by 200-fold.

C: Class connector. Everyone can play uke, regardless of W-2 Box 1 income or tax rate. Warren Buffet strums. So do many others of lesser means.

E: Energy independent. No foreign oil required. In fact, Magic Fluke’s manufacturing site deploys clean solar energy … in Governor Romney’s state of Massachusetts!

A: Academic Achievement. Musicianship enhances academic excellence, a well proven fact based on school music studies. And as president, ukulele classes/clubs will become a top priority in our schools.

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