Blogging for Ukuleles

Looking for a fun musical instrument … a ukulele?

A dizzying number of options exist at your fingertips. The challenge is knowing where to search … deciding what’s best … making a confident purchase.

We keep it simple. Durable FLEA® ukuleles made in the USA. Three models. Perfect for beginners and pros. An easier alternative or stepping stone to playing guitar, too.

Three new “ukulele shops” in the blogosphere help others discover us.

Please click “shops” below and see. Helps train the search engines! Share with others looking for a terrific ukulele – or easier alternative to guitar.

Greg, True Joy Acoustics founder

Ukulele Shops on WordPress –

Ukulele Shops on Tumblr. – http://ukuleleshops.tumblr. com

Ukulele Shops on Blogger –


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