THANK YOU Superior Honda

Our ukulele donations strive to bring 24/7 music to more hospitalized kids facing difficult challenge. Summed up nicely by lyrics in ABBA’s I Let the Music Speak:

Let it be the joy of each new sunrise
Or the moment when a day dies
I surrender without reservation
No explanations
No questions why
I take it to me and let it flow through me
Yes, I let the music speak
I let the music speak

FUN STRUMS is a program that invites local businesses to help “let the music speak” by accelerating ukulele donations to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. We thank the following organization for their heartfelt support:

Superior Honda

Please visit their website (click name above) to see quality Honda vehicles, pre-owned vehicles and service specials. Conveniently located to serve anyone in the Cincinnati tri-state region (off I-75 at Exit 6/Mitchell Ave). Open 7 days a week. Stop in or send an email to Chris Heck (GM) or Robert Starks (sales) for personable and professional service. My family has been exceptionally pleased with our Honda Odyssey purchased there and received a great deal with our older van trade-in.

How do pledges support “24/7 music therapy”?

A hospital music therapist often carts in their array of musical instruments for a session, then carts them back out. Rigorous cleaning protocols after each patient’s use must adhere to strict hospital standards for infection control.

FLEA ukuleles have many innovative features that make them suitable for LEAVING IN THE PATIENT’S ROOM for 24/7 access. Not “music therapy” per se without the therapist; nevertheless, it creates opportunity to explore and enjoy music making. Promotes a mindset of musicianship. Much like the role of homework reinforcing a classroom lesson, or daily instrument practices between weekly lessons.

This is why our minimum pledge unit of “one brand new FLEA ukulele” also includes a “Ukulele for Kids” DVD. Ten fun lessons instructed by Marcy Marxer and Ginger the dog that enables anyone to learn the basics of tuning, forming simple chords, strumming and singing along to 9 traditional songs. Marcy is a Grammy Award winner for children’s music and a talented teacher and performer.

Each patient room at Cincinnati Children’s is equipped with a DVD player/monitor. These DVD’s are an ideal companion for staying in the room with the FLEA ukulele. Learn and play anytime. Easy to wipe down. And their producer, Homespun Video, graciously allows us to duplicate the song booklet for each patient.

Are you or your business interested in helping? Email us ( for more information. Modest pledges go a long way.

As always, you can personally support this cause by visitingĀ True Joy Acoustics. Treat yourself or others to the fun of playing a FLEA ukulele packed within our exclusive Musician Maker Kits. The more we sell, the more we donate.

Greg, True Joy Acoustics founder


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