THANK YOU Oxford Financial Partners

FUN STRUMS is a program that invites local businesses to accelerate ukulele donations to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. We thank the following organization for their heartfelt support:

Oxford Financial Partners

Please visit the their website (click name above) if you are retirement-minded and looking for a licensed, professional finance team. Call (513-469-7014) or send an email to Erik Christman (CFP, CPA) to set up a convenient appointment. Located in Kenwood, highly familiar with Procter & Gamble retiree plans, informative newsletters.

CCHMC music therapists are exceptionally skilled and appreciative. Pledges are quickly transformed into musical joy and therapeutic benefits among many young patients. Here’s a short video of Brian Schreck demonstrating an early FLEA ukulele donation, with fellow therapist Jennifer Seley singing in the background.

Are you or your business interested in helping? Email us ( for more information. Modest pledges go a long way.

As always, you can personally support this cause by visiting True Joy Acoustics. Treat yourself or others to the fun of playing a FLEA ukulele packed within our exclusive Musician Maker Kits. The more we sell, the more we donate.

Greg, True Joy Acoustics founder


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