THANK YOU Fifth Third Bank

FUN STRUMS is a program that invites local businesses to accelerate ukulele donations to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. We thank the following organization for their heartfelt support:

Fifth Third Bank

Please visit the bank’s website (click name above) to see their broad range of personal and commercial banking services. They offer convenient branches, bank marts and ATM’s across the Greater Cincinnati region and beyond. My family has appreciated excellent service at Fifth Third Bank for many years.

What makes a FLEA ukulele special for music therapy?

Same benefits of guitar, yet much easier for hospital PATIENTS to hold and play.

Guitars are popular instruments among music therapists. They are multi-sensorial. A guitar’s aural spectrum, physical vibration and fine motor-skill interactivity makes it a powerful all-in-one “tool box” across many music therapy protocols.

However, guitar is difficult if not impossible for PATIENTS to hold in a wheelchair or bed position.

Wood/glue construction and finishes make guitars sensitive to environmental conditions (temperature, humidity), physical shock and routine wipe downs for infection control.

FLEA Ukulele - a natural fit with pediatric hospital music therapy

A guitar’s metal strings are not as gentle on sensitive skin as a ukulele’s nylon strings.

Common guitar chords require three or more fingers straddling a wider fingerboard, whereas many ukulele chords can be formed with just one or two fingers.

FLEA ukuleles overcome these guitar hindrances without compromising fine/gross motor skill engagement, multi-sensory stimulation and emotional enjoyment.

Even PEDIATRIC PATIENTS can hold and play a “real acoustic instrument” firsthand.

Learn more about a FLEA ukulele’s innovative features by clicking here.

These same features make a FLEA ukulele ideal for ANY beginner or player. They promote successful musicianship from the start plus an easier path to mastering guitar.

Are you or your business interested in helping us bring more ukulele joy to hospitalized kids? Email us ( for more information. Modest pledges go a long way.

As always, you can personally support this cause by visiting True Joy Acoustics. Treat yourself or others to the fun of playing a FLEA ukulele packed within our exclusive Musician Maker Kits. The more we sell, the more we donate.

Greg, True Joy Acoustics founder


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