THANK YOU Brower Insurance Agency, LLC

Imagine your child being diagnosed with a major health concern. One requiring extended hospital care. A prognosis that the condition becomes manageable at best, not curable. Hardly a time to think about taking up a musical instrument.

Yet, music offers power to cope, nurture and heal –– especially when guided by music therapy professionals. Music instills normalcy and an expression of feeling. It counterbalances the confinement of illness, dreading tests and treatments, waiting.

That conundrum sums up the True Joy Acoustics mission. We leverage our sales proceeds to donate FLEA ukuleles to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. At no added cost to purchasers. And without bothering parents nor hospital budgets as their resources focus on the health crisis.

FUN STRUMS is a program that invites local businesses to accelerate such donations. We thank the following organization for their heartfelt support:

Brower Insurance Agency, LLC

Please visit their website (click name above) to learn about their comprehensive insurance, financial and consulting services for the business community. Email or call Andy Watson at their Cincinnati office (513-338-5759) and you will experience the prompt, professional service that I count on for my business insurance needs.

The Music Therapy staff at CCHMC is exceptionally skilled and appreciative. They quickly transform an organization’s financial pledge into musical joy and therapeutic benefits among their many young patients.

Brian Schreck, MA, MT-BC at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center - thankful for the generous business support, ready to put a DOZEN new FLEA's into music therapy action!

Are you or your business interested in helping? Email us ( for more information. Modest pledges go a long way.

As always, you can personally support this cause by visiting True Joy Acoustics. Treat yourself or others to the fun of playing a FLEA ukulele packed within our exclusive Musician Maker Kits. The more we sell, the more we donate.

Greg, True Joy Acoustics founder


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  1. I’m so glad Brower Insurance could help an amazing organization like True Joy Acoustics. Keep up the good work Greg!


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