Ukuleles for Summer Fun!

Q: What time of year is best for buying and learning ukulele?

A: For traditional school instruments, a new school year and holiday gift budgets often set the timing and means. It’s also hard to make progress on such instruments without private lessons or a professional classroom instructor.

We encourage ukulele purchases throughout the year with our everyday low pricing. More affordable than traditional band instruments and playable right from the start. Take advantage of FREE SHIPPING specials!

Warmer outdoor seasons provide ample opportunity to learn and enjoy ukulele: school break activity, vacation take-along, family & friend get-togethers, time spent with grandparents, workday child care programs, summer camps, church groups and more!

If starting up a ukulele club or interested in procuring ukuleles for fundraising efforts (e.g., school music programs), please send an email to for special pricing.

Greg, True Joy Acoustics founder


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