A Sonnet for Casey

Casey, 5 weeks old, July 2004

An Irish Terrier, my Casey came passing through,
     the truest companion, playful to the night;
So full of mischief, fun and handsome too,
     and never astray from Sunny's watchful sight.

So happy that he knew it, he'd wiggle his tail,
     yes Casey and Sunny were such a happy pair;
A song we strummed, a song we sang and hailed,
     my Casey and Sunny loved a tune to share.

But now our songs ring soft without glee,
     for Casey passed, his soul in God's safe keep;
It's Sunny and I who sing our ode to Casey,
     with joyful thoughts, yet tears shed quick and deep.

     My dearest, best of friend, my Casey soul above,
     Keep wigglin' that tail to strums and songs of love!

Sarah orchestrating a pose with Sunny and Casey, August 2010

If you love dogs, as I do, you know their gift of love and devoted companionship.

They enable us to savor simple joys, heartfelt lessons of life.

This week echoes that big picture loudly with Casey’s untimely passing.

I miss striking up a trio with Casey and Sunning playing a familiar tune:

If You’re Happy and You Know It … wiggle your tail!

Simple verse, simple strum … an ear-raising whistle added here and there for effect.

True music is a powerful connector and healer.

Greg H., True Joy Acoustics founder


4 Responses

  1. Hi there-

    I came to your site after you posted on seeing on our video with the last day with our dear Flynn.

    Your sonnet is a moving and beautiful tribute to Casey. May your heart heal as smoothly as possible and may the tears be mingled with laughter in remembering his favorite IT antics.

    We just got another IT, our second, Fergus, in July. Amazing how different, yet similar to our Flynn he is.

    best wishes


  2. So sorry to hear about Casey as I know how important he was in your life. Isn’t it amazing how our 4-legged, furry friends can touch us so?

    Your sonnet brought tears to my eyes as it is a beautiful testimonial to the dog you loved.

    BTW, That’s a great photo of Sarah, Sunny and Casey.


  3. Thank you, Jan. I miss this little guy. My previous dog lived to 14, so with Casey passing at 6 due to heart failure, I think it makes it extra hard to see him go. I also know that your dog is a very important part of your family life … enjoy every minute!


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